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Understanding that we need to take steps to continue our journey of revitalization, First Baptist Hammond will embark on a new adventure. While we have done well to this point, we cannot, we must not stop now. It is imperative that we continue on the journey or we will just be stuck in the middle of spiritual nowhere.
To continue our journey, we will do a combination of two church plant models:
  • Large launch which gives us "bang"
  • Missional/Incarnational will bring about long-term growth and stability.
First, we pray.
Here's what that looks like specifically for First Baptist Hammond:
  • Restructure our Wednesday evening activities to prioritize prayer.
    • Change schedule:
      • 5:30-6:15pm – Supper
      • 6:15pm – Corporate Prayer
      • 6:45pm – Bible Study/Choir
    • Be intentional in praying according to the heart of God.
    • Develop a God-centered format in our prayer meetings, rather than a people centered format. Here is our format for the new Wednesday evening prayer time:
      • Focus on God
      • Respond from the heart
      • Seek first the kingdom
      • Present our requests
        • For healing
        • For financial needs
        • For employment
        • Other concerns
      • Close in celebration!
  • Commit to this process no matter the numbers!
We build a We're Goin' All In! team.
This team will consist staff team members and lay team members. We will follow the Lord’s leadership and grow our weekly gathering and community groups. Here are two phases of how we will go about this:
  • Recruit the Right People
    • Look for people with similar beliefs and values.
    • Meet with all potential team members for face to face conversation.
    • Set two-year term lengths.
    • Convey expectations with a signed covenant.
  • Inspire the Team
    • Our pastor will be the “cheerleader” for this movement.
    • We will place people in the right roles.
    • All team members will be required to complete the P.L.A.C.E. assessment. It’s better to take a little longer and have a strong launch team than to place someone in the wrong role and have frustration when you most need collaboration.
    • We will have an offsite retreat for team building and planning.
  • Set clear goals
    • Small groups
      • Currently we have 7 ongoing and one that meets for a period of time. All of these meet at the church, one duplicates at Summerfield.
      • Start four new ongoing groups in homes of the launch team in the fall of 2018. (Two of these are already confirmed.)
      • Two groups do well enough to create two more groups by the spring of 2019.
      • Eight offsite groups by the fall of 2019.
    • Weekly gathering
      • Currently, we are averaging 71.
        • Set a goal to average 80 by the spring of 2019.
        • Set a goal to average 100 by the fall of 2019.
    • Our leadership will model the behaviors that need to be seen in the entire team.
We will change our staffing.
  • We will no longer view our positions as entry level positions.
    • Even though the position may be part-time, it should be worked as a calling and not as a job.
    • We will search for people that God has called to this type of revitalization ministry.
  • We will require sacrificial service from all staff members, as Scripture indicates was exemplified by those who were called of God.
  • We are not looking just fill a position, but rather to find someone willing to do what it takes to revitalize their particular area ministry while helping the overall church revitalization effort.
  • Increase responsibilities of current positions, Students and Worship.
  • Add new Children’s/Preschool position.
Market the Church.
  • The revitalization team will be commissioned and sent. This will be a formal commissioning done during our weekly gathering.
  • Encourage this inside the church.
    • We will inspire the people with the potential of God’s movement in our congregation.
    • When this process of prayer, discipleship and evangelism is bought into, growth will naturally occur, and we will be ready for it.
  • Market outside the church.
    • There are many ways to help the team with inviting people to Jesus and to First Baptist Hammond.
    • We will use social media.
    • We will send a mass mailing.
    • Close to 75% of the people who attend are church for the first time still come through the invitation of a friend, so nothing will ever replace the personal invitation to church.
    • We will saturate the community with marketing through these methods while doing the same with the Gospel personally. The combination of marketing and personal evangelism will produce fruit with the help of the Holy Spirit.
  • We will continue to use service projects in the community to gather more people.

Update Equipment and Facilities.
  • Update the sound system
    • A complete overhaul can be done for $35,000.
    • An upgrade can be done in house for $10,000.
    • Add a keyboard to our instruments – $2,000
  • Rework video system
    • Add two monitors – one stage left and one stage right - $3,500
    • Add more lighting that is advanced technology - $2,400
    • Add video recording system (wish list) - $6,000

Missional Movement.
  • Enlist and train workers for Community Groups.
  • Implement Weekly Worker Meetings.
  • Work toward the God sized goals.